A matter of design and layout

Traffic and transport are not two-dimensional. All vehicles and journeys take place in a space, an environment. The environment can have a great impact on the behaviour of traffic participants. Good traffic management involves the environment as well as traffic. For this reason, DTV Consultants studies designs from a wider perspective.

Many of our designs relate to junctions. It may be a simple, uncontrolled junction, a roundabout or a multi-lane roundabout. Our designers look for the best solution and adapt it to the existing environment. Sometimes we don’t know in advance what kind of junction would be most suitable. We help decision-makers decide between traffic lights or a roundabout, between a multi-lane roundabout or a turbo roundabout. We advise about the form and design. With or without traffic lights.
We design accessible bus stop infrastructure, important for the mobility of the elderly, the disabled or people with a pram or buggy. We design car parks for 15, 100 or 800 vehicles. We recommend the required access structures. And road operators are not our only clients. We also produce designs for big companies like Shell and Center Parcs.

Our knowledge and experience of design helps us assess plans. Sometimes we only assess designs in terms of traffic safety and our designers perform a traffic safety audit. We are also involved in assessing designs for accessible bus stops with respect to applications for subsidies. Our designers are skilled and versatile. We regularly produce second opinions for road managers, whereby incorporating the infrastructure into the environment often plays an important role.

Designing is not always about here and now. We sometimes advise clients about designs for the future, surveying a certain route plan for a provincial or rural road, for example. What junction solution will be chosen? What about the traffic flow? Is the route plan well incorporated in the environment?
A design never stands alone, but is often the end product of an entire trajectory. DTV Consultants can help you during the whole process: performing the survey, formulating policy and implementing the policy instruments. And sometimes policy is implemented when the road design is changed.

We can support you from junction to network, from accessing a neighbourhood to extensive traffic structures. And then a picture always says more than a thousand words, because that’s what designing is all about.

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