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The European Union has grown very fast in the past decade, both geographically and administratively. More and more policies and regulations are being developed at the European level, particularly in the field of traffic and transport. Sustainable mobility is a ‘hot topic’ on the European agenda too. After all, the free flow of goods and people is one of the foundations of the European Union. The European market is thus increasingly within reach of mobility professionals such as DTV Consultants.

Traffic and transport do not stop at national borders. This is why it is so important to operate on both the national as international market. Especially in the field of traffic and transport, the European Community Framework Programmes, covering Research, Technological Development and Demonstration activities (RTD), act as a springboard. We took the leap into Europe years ago through projects like ENERQI, MIMOSA, e-Atomium, CIVITAS GUARD, CONNECT, BAMBINI and Trendy Travel, which all received financial support of the European Commission.

The projects demonstrate that we are an active player in Europe. One requirement for participation in European projects is collaboration in international consortia. Through this cooperation, we have created an international network that we carefully maintain and continuously expand. It means that we communicate effectively in various languages, according to international standards and that we operate at the international forefront of developments in traffic management. Our Intelligent Transport System (ITS) ODYSA® (Optimisation through DYnamic Speed Advise) is an example of this.

Transfer of knowledge as spearhead
For us, every international project is tailormade. Effective solutions for problems require an user oriented approach. For international solutions, we therefore always seek to work with innovative, foreign players who know their own national market well.
Dutch solutions often arouse great international interest. With our knowledge and experience regarding the Dutch market, we can thus provide added value for our international counterparts, in both the mobility and educational area. We find transfer of knowledge a spearhead when working in international projects.

Custom-made training courses
DTV Consultants has been organising training courses on traffic and transport for more than 20 years. We are specialised in designing custom-made courses for our clients. Our specialists in the field of didactics work together with our content experts and with the customer to create a training course that gives the participants tools to immediately bring their acquired knowledge into practice.

Train-the trainer
We also ‘train the trainers’: we educate teachers to guarantee a constant quality, both on a national and international level. The knowledge and experience that we have gained throughout the years allows us to devise quick solutions and provide the customer with a suitable education or training courses. Concrete subjects such as road safety, traffic management and congestion management have been developed or are currently under development.

Reputation in Europe
Through our international work, DTV Consultants has built up an excellent reputation as a project coordinator and partner in European projects. This reputation can help and encourage clients to cross borders. For many organisations in the field of traffic and transport, this is essential, as developments within the European Union are continuing apace. This is certainly positive, because Europe offers great potential, on both national and regional level. Smaller governmental bodies or organisations can participate in challenging projects, taking advantage of international cooperation, foreign best practices and European funding. We are glad to help organisations seize those opportunities.

International also outside Europe
Traffic and mobility developments do not stop at the European Union borders; the global market awaits. DTV Consultants studies emerging markets and countries where traffic policy or mobility management practice are still underdeveloped. Our experience in the area of education - acquired by organising various training courses on traffic, transport and sustainable mobility in the Netherlands and abroad - can be combined with our expertise in the field of traffic. Through our international activities, we can share our knowledge all over the world and exchange experiences. As a result, we are always up to date of global developments in our field - developments which our advisors can analyse, adjust and then apply in the work field, thus further expanding our knowledge and expertise.

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Examples of projects

• Cleaner cities with CIVITAS-GUARD (European Commission)
e-ATOMIUM (European Commission)
EMOTIONS (European Commission)
• MuSTT (European Commission)
PORTAL (European Commission)
Trendy Travel (European Commission)
BAMBINI (European Commission)
• The city of Utrecht in CIVITAS PLUS: MIMOSA (European Commission)
• Advising Centre Parcs International
• European Integrated Handbook “Powered Two wheeler-friendly Road Design (ACEM)
• Courses on traffic light installations in Turkey
• Organisation of excursions to Germany. Sweden, Italy (various Municipalities and Provinces)
• Air quality plan city of Ghent
• Developing a comprehensive training course for traffic engineers in South Africa