Looking for new ways

DTV Consultants is a repository of knowledge and experience. We have a solution to any traffic or transport problem, whether it relates to the environment, congestion, parking or public transport. And if we cannot resolve it now, we will ensure that we can.

Innovation is not a goal in itself. What is important to us is that we can solve a client’s problem. If necessary, we will think up something new. But we are also open to ideas developed elsewhere in Europe.
Our innovations are created through:
1. our creative personnel
2. our European projects
3. our far-reaching commitment to the work field
4. our education programmes

1. Creative personnel
Looking for new ways is embedded in the profile of our employees. Our DTV employees are creative, and our nature is to work in an innovative way. If a current solution is not adequate for a particular problem, we will adjust it. Or we will think up a new solution. Like the EcoGop, a revolutionary pedestrian crossing. But being creative is not enough. We are also practical and concrete. All our ideas can actually be implemented and have the desired result. To prove it, we regularly take part in competitions in the field of innovation, and we have already won various prestigious awards, such as the “Van A naar Beter-Prijs” [From A to Better Award] 2006 for ODYSA®.
In the coming years, we will continue to take part in competitions, because there will always be ideas. This is why we have introduced our Tasman sessions – named after the Dutch 17th century explorer - during which we brainstorm about new ideas. Each session focuses on an idea, making it more concrete and widening its base.

2. European projects
DTV Consultants is an important partner in the field of transport and traffic. We are involved in many projects initiated by the European Commission. Through these international contacts, we learn about projects being implemented by our European partners. Very often, they have already discovered a solution for a certain problem - one that can also be applied in the Netherlands, thus preventing us from having to re-invent the wheel. We never innovate for the sake of innovation, but to enable us to offer the client a solution. If such a solution has already been found elsewhere, we are happy to use it - but only after we have extensively analysed it. If it proves to be useful, we will apply it to the Dutch situation. One such example is the “Verkeersslang”®, an invention originally from Belgium.

3. Commitment to the work field
DTV Consultants is involved in the ups and downs in the world. We are concerned with the problems which traffic causes and we want to do something about them. For example, we develop new technologies that have less impact on the environment. These solutions do not necessarily relate to cars. On the contrary: our solutions are often more related to other forms of transport. We ensure that traffic participants have attractive alternatives to the car. One such project is the Kwaliteitsverkenner (Quality Explorer), which promotes quality improvement of public transport.

4. Educational programmes
Once we have found a solution, we want as many clients as possible to use it, so that a global problem with a potentially harmful environmental impact can be tackled. To this end, we provide information in the form of educational programmes and customised pathways in a range of traffic areas. We have also launched a postgraduate professional education programme in Traffic Management and opened the NOVI Traffic Academy, two innovative traffic training programmes. These two programmes bring us into contact with very many people, and in turn, these contacts produce many ideas, which our creative people can then apply. Which in turn leads to new innovations.

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