International Experience

DTV Consultants and its staff have experience in EU projects since the late 90´s with projects such as ENERQI, MIMOSA, Trendy Travel, ICARO, MOMENTUM, ECOMM/EPOMM, E-ATOMIUM, and CIVITAS. In addition to the EU projects, the company has been active in other areas as well. Examples of these are the participation in a design and construct competition in Winnipeg (Canada) and teaching activities for transport experts in Izmir (Turkey). 

MIMOSA - Making Innovation in Mobility and Sustainable Actions. The Dutch City of Utrecht is one of the participating cities, along with Tallinn (Estonia), Gdansk (Poland), Funchal (Portugal) en Bologna (Italy). During the next couple of years these cities will take severall measures in areas such as alternative fuels, collective passenger transport, energy efficient car use and innovative technologies for transportation systems (mobility management).

The City of Utrecht expects much improvement, as a result of the 22 concrete measures taken, such as cleaner buses, Park & Ride facilities, safer schools, more intensive cycling and boat use and the use of local distribution centers. DTV Consultants helps the City of Utrecht in this project with all external contacts (project coordinators, European Commission).

MIMOSA is part of the European project CIVITAS, which is financed by the EU.
Client: City of Utrecht

For detailed information on MIMOSA, please click here.

Traffic model Saint Maarten
The road network on Saint Maarten is inadequate because of the number of cars and the travel behaviour on the island. That is why there are several studies for road improvements, including a bridge across Simpson Bay Lagoon, between the international airport and Koolbaai. The question is what the problem solving capacity of the bridge will be for other traffic. DTV Consultants is building a traffic model, to be able to compute the effect of the bridge (and other connections in the future).

We investigate what the road network looks like, what the capacity is and how many cars pass by. Besides that, zonal information is necessary, inhabitants, jobs and details on tourism, to be able to calculate traffic volumes. In the Netherlands we registrate things rather systematically, but at Saint Maarten most information is inside peoples heads. Therefore we had interviews with people from several agencies, such as for example the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Chamber of Commerce.

Client: Lievense


To increase the use of public transport, a lot of work is put into the renewal of public transport systems around Europe. However, the needs and expectations of the customers are often not fully taken into account. To cope with this shortcoming, quality monitoring systems are being developed and implemented throughout Europe. ENERQI aims to disseminate gathered good practice quality monitoring throughout Europe by taking stock of all the existing monitoring schemes and their ‘lessons learned’. The setting up of a common framework will allow each urban public transport network to have a quality monitoring system adapted to the local context. Quality monitoring that allows for a real customer oriented feedback on public transport improvements.

DTV Consultants is coordinating this project. The large consortium consists of partners from nine EU countries and includes energy agencies, research institutes, municipalities and various public transport providers.

Client: European Commission

For detailed information on ENERQI, click here.

The newest international project of DTV Consultants is called BAMBINI. It was awarded to DTV and our partners end December 2008. BAMBINI is part of the STEER subsidy programme of the European Commission, aimed at stimulating new energy-reducing and energy-friendly ideas in the area of traffic and transport. 

In short, BAMBINI aims at stimulating sustainable mobility among young parents. To make mobility more energy-friendly in the future, BAMBINI tries to change the behaviour of the population group that uses the car as their main means of transport: young parents. They, as well as their young children (aged 0-6), are the main target group of this project. 

For detailed information on BAMBINI, click here.

Client: European Commission

Currently DTV Consultants is co-ordinating the CIVITAS-GUARD project as part of the CIVITAS Initiative. The CIVITAS Initiative encompasses ambitious EU cities that are introducing sustainable urban transport policy strategies. The aim is to achieve a significant change in the modal split towards sustainable transport modes. CIVITAS-GUARD offers support for the CIVITAS II Demonstration Projects and cities and monitors the progress of the implementation. 

For detailed information on CIVITAS GUARD click here.

Client: European Commission, DG TREN

The European Commission has developed the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) to stimulate the use of new energy sources and the development of new energy saving methods. A part of the programme is STEER, which focuses on projects related to traffic and mobility.

DTV Consultants is active in one of the STEER projects, named CONNECT. The aim of CONNECT is to increase the amount of sustainable movements to and from school for ground school children as well as high school children. Exchange of knowledge and experience between the participating countries is another important part of this project. 

For detailed information on CONNECT, click here.

Client: European Commission

Trendy Travel
The European project Trendy Travel, in which DTV Consultants supported NS (Dutch Railways) for four years, has ended in 2011. The main objective of the 13 partners of this project was to accomplish a modal shift from the car to more sustainable means of transportation, by appealing to and satisfying people’s emotional needs. For detailed information on Trendy Travel, click here.

Client: European Commission

International Training Courses
DTV Consultants is market leader in traffic light optimisation schemes and software development in
the Netherlands. Furthermore the company organises various training courses in the different working areas. These courses can be adapted and customised to any given situation. In that respect, close co-operation has existed since many years between the Flemish Department for Traffic Science and DTV Consultants to organise a large variety of training courses. In addition, a special training course for traffic light optimisation will be facilitated for the Turkish Traffic Department in Izmir.

Client: Various

e-Atomium wants to increase the knowledge and competencies of energy agencies, energy efficiency advice centres and local authority energy professionals in the field of sustainable energy use in transport through tailor-made trainings and educational programmes.

For detailed information on e-Atonium, click here.

Client: European Commission, IEEA

Design Competition Winnipeg
In 2004 DTV Consultants participated in a design competition for a new major crossing in the centre of the city of Winnipeg. Together with the companies Urban Affairs and Schouten RV&B we developed a new public space with a special type of roundabout where all the necessary functions from living, shopping and (public) transport are integrated. Multiple use of public space is one of the keywords to success in this plan.

National Expercience

The MOBI-project runs from March 2013 until Fevruary 2016 and builds on the successes of the award-winning From5to4 game. 'From5To4' is the online mobility game from the Netherlands, developed by DTV Consultants and Organiq New Media. The aim of the serious game is to encourage employees to travel to work more smartly (e.g. walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing) as well as having fun competing against their friends and colleagues at the same time. In return, the website gives employees information about how much energy they have saved, calories burned as well as the opportunity to win prizes. It's a simple formula: for every workday, 1 day smarter commuting.
The aims of the European MOBI-project are:

to inform employees about the benefits of using sustainable transport modes for their commute and business trips
to encourage employees to use sustainable transport modes through the implementation of a smart mobility competition
to encourage local authorities, public transport providers and organisations providing electric vehicles to champion the benefits of sustainable travel
to make recommendations to policy makers about further actions to increase energy effiiciency in commuter travel
The MOBI-project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme (STEER) and will last for 3 years.

DTV Consultants is the Coordinator of MOBI and leader of work package 3 (implementation). Mobiel21 leads the communication work package and implements From5To4 in Belgium. WYG leads work package 2 where the common MOBI concept is developed and at the same times takes care of implementation in the United Kingdom. TIS from Lisbon implements From5To4 in Portugal and is responsible for the evaluation of the project. The Energy Agency Plovdiv implements From5To4 in Bulgaria and the Agency for Energy and Environment's Protection Management in Brasov does the same for Romania. 

Sustainble Mobility in the EU - a series of discussions
The Transport Knowledge Resource Centre of the Netherlands (KpVV) is an independent knowledge broker that supports municipalities in the development of their traffic and transport policies. During Spring & Autumn 2011 DTV Consultants helped KpVV to organize a series of sustainable mobility round tables and discussion sessions. Each time one speaker, representing a European city, presented local best practices and discussed with (similar sized) Dutch cities, so that both can benefit from lessons learned. Two successful sessions took place in the Spring: one with a speaker from the Austrian city of Graz and one with the Cycle Manager from Copenhagen, Denmark. Between October and December 2011 three more sessions will take place. Most likely the British county of Worcestershire will talk about how they succesfully established significant behavioural change (towards sustainable modes of transport) and someone from the German city of Freiburg will present best practices on how to integrate sustainble transport modes into the spacial planning process.

Summaries (in Dutch) of the first 2 sessions:
Cycling policy - Copenhagen
Soft mobility in Graz

TRAIL participates in the evaluation of ISA devices for known offenders
DTV Consultants and TRAIL are involved in the evaluation of the Dutch Field Operational test of a speed lock and speed monitor trial. Intelligent Speed Adaptation or ISA devices are in-vehicle systems that support the driver in selecting the appropriate speed. (March 28, 2011, Read more

5to4 – the Dutch mobility game
5to4 is a formula to fight congestion and contribute to a more sustainable country at the same time. This boosts the image of a company. The method is simple: when participating in this game, one out of every five working days is used to travel or work in a more sustainable way. Read more

Design, implementation, evaluation and management of a traffic management system for the Optimisation of traffic circulation through Dynamic Speed Advice (ODYSA®). This pilot-project aimed to determine to which extend ODYSA® contributes to improving traffic safety, speed and comfort. The Dutch Minister for Transport awarded the ODYSA® system in 2006.

In the meantime ODYSA® was implemented  in various other areas.
For detailed information on ODYSA®, you can check out a powerpoint presentation on this subject. You can also choose to download ODYSA information.

Client: Several provinces and cities in the Netherlands, e.g. Amsterdam, Eindhoven

CIVITAS (City-Vitality-Sustainability) is an initiative of the European Commission to help cities to achieve more sustainable, cleaner and energy friendly urban transport. This is achieved by implementing and evaluating ambitious and innovative measures, technological as well as policy related.

CIVITAS PLUS, a continuation of CIVITAS I and II, started in October 2008 and will end in 2012. It continues from the results of CIVITAS I en II. Just like its predecessors, CIVITAS PLUS consists of four demonstration projects. MIMOSA is one of them. MIMOSA is an acronym for Making Innovation in Mobility and Sustainable Actions. Utrecht (The Netherlands) is one of the participating cities in this project, together with Tallinn (Estonia), Gdansk (Poland), Funchal (Portugal) and Bologna (Italy). In the next years, all these cities will implement over 60 measures in the areas of e.g. alternative fuels, collective passenger transport, more energy friendly car usage and innovative technologies for transport systems.

Utrecht expects many improvements in the area of cleaner city buses, Park & Ride provisions, safer schools, more intensive bicycle and boat use and the use of local distribution centres. 22 concrete measures have to contribute to this. In this project DTV Consultants supports the city of Utrecht for example by helping with all external contacts (project coordinators, European Commission), reporting tasks and financial issues.

Client: European Commission, City of Utrecht

Green Waves and Traffic Flow Optimisation
In the year 2006 the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management has initiated 40 short-term projects for enhancing the traffic flows and tackle traffic congestion. One of these projects is focused on the optimisation of so-called green waves to improve the capacity of roads. DTV Consultants is one of the experts that support the teams that are responsible for the analyses of traffic flows. DTV Consultants has also participated in the education of the se professionals. 

Client: Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management

Traffic Snake
DTV Consultants has adapted and implemented a Flemish instrument for stimulating schoolchildren to come to school in a safe and environmental way. In the Netherlands the so-called Traffic Snake (Verkeersslang®) has been implemented at more than 200 elementary schools. The principal idea of the Traffic Snake is that modal choice can be influenced in a very easy way by triggering positive emotions. In short: to award good behaviour in stead of punishing bad behaviour. The Traffic Snake is used in one week during which the children count their amount of environmentally friendly and safe trips to school (on foot, by bike or with public transport). A target is set together with the school and the local police. In the Netherlands on average 70% of the children come to school on foot, bike or public transport. During the Traffic Snake these numbers rise up to 100%, with a long lasting effect afterwards. The Traffic Snake will be further expanded in other EU countries in the CONNECT project that started in 2007. 

Clients: More than 200 schools

Air Quality Plan Maastricht
One of the mean challenges in the environmental sector is to minimise the effects on local air quality resulting form traffic circulation. Therefore DTV Consultants has produced an air quality plan for the City of Maastricht. This plan contains an analysis of the current and expected situation, the scenarios to overcome the expected problems and an estimation of costs that are needed to take the appropriate measures. The city council has accepted the plan after a consultation process with the general public that was organised by DTV Consultants. In a follow-up study, local measures have been analyses more in detail with a traffic simulation model and an air quality module. 

Client: City of Maastricht