Our vision

Organisations are constantly developing. The extent of this will depend on the development of their employees. To support this development, we have been offering a range of schooling, training courses and in-company programmes since 1987. We make use of the latest educational methods and applications to design and implement these learning activities.

We see learning as a means to achieve better results at work. It is all about people obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil their tasks better. The aim is for people who “can and will” do something better and something different than they “could and did” before. The workplace is the starting point: this is where the questions and situations develop that truly create the need to learn. The knowledge and skills obtained will only contribute to improved functioning if they are also actively implemented at the workplace. This means that subjects such as usefulness, transfer, integration in the workplace and results are paramount. One of the aspects of providing tailor-made services is adaptation to the practical situation, demands and stumbling blocks of the participants. In the case of a custom-made training we therefore also involve the executive staff and the participants beforehand. This contributes to the creation of programmes that enjoy support; courses that lead to the desired results. For the development of our activities we co-operate closely with educational and government institutes and the industry, both local and abroad.